I 140

I-140 describes the inequality, civil rights and immigration struggles of sex couples prior to the legalization of gay marriage in 2015. Using Hibbert-Jones and Talisman’s own situation as subject, the couple held handmade signs on freeways up and down California as cars drive by describing their $40,000, seven-year long struggle to keep Talisman legally in the US. The work utilizes static, full body video shots in a landscape/ environment to highlight the powerlessness, passivity, isolation and endless waiting involved in immigration proceedings, and the public/ private contradictions inherent in their situation.

I-140 is the name of Talisman’s visa application.Exhibited in museums and galleries as video installations, photographic prints and hand painted signs, the work also circulated on same-sex advocacy sites and news blogs internationally. Co-produced and directed with Nomi Talisman.

Materials: Video, hand painted signs, photographs

Released: 2009/2011

Exhibited/screened: San Jose ICA

Berkeley Arts Center
ISA , Alberquerque, NM/ San Jose, CA

Press: Artillery, volume 5, issue 5 (6-7/11)

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