Germs, Plagues, & Viruses

Germs Plagues and Viruses series explores fears of  security, attack and germ warfare. First inspired by electron micrograph images of anthrax post 9-11  This series was developed between 2002-7 First exhibited at GAS New York and Don Soke Gallery, San Francisco,the exhibition at Northern Arizona University Museum, (a major laboratory for germ warfare tests in the USA) featured anthrax images lining the walls of the installation, school desks with drawn and written lists of germs used by the USA, fans and a hospital bed. Materials: Desks, Fans, bed, cloth, steel, notebooks, towel, drawings on paper of anthrax, plague, ebola, yellow fever and smallpox Exhibitions   2007  The Quality of Insecurity Northern Arizona University Museum, AZ (catalog) 2002 Elements of Expression, Turlock City Arts Commission, CA 2002 Human Nature: Memory/Cycles/Science, Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Freemont, CA (artists catalog)- two person exhibition 2004  Giganticism, GAS, New York, NY (catalog) 2002 Summer Exhibitions, Don Soker Gallery, SF, CA -three person exhibition  Don Soker represents my work Reviews “Viewpoint” Artweek, October 2003 “Germs, Plagues and Viruses” Turlock Journal, July 11th 2002 “Human Nature: Memory/Cycles/ Science” Artweek, July 2002 Publications The Quality of Insecurity Northern Arizona University Museum commissioned catalog 2007 Germs, Plagues and Viruses, artist’s catalog, 2002 Funded & Supported by Northern Arizona University Museum GAS New York See also Germs drawing