Are We There Yet?: Video/Installation

Created for DISLOCATE 08’s Festival of Locality and Technology, Japan. The interactive video installation, and public project Are We There Yet? maps the internal thoughts and memories of passengers above and below ground on the Yokohama subway. Stories, sounds and video excerpts were embedded on an interactive map (a hacked computer with 32 buttons, each containing one film clip created from interviews and footage shot on the Yokohama Blue Line) Visitors in the exhibition pushed buttons on the interactive map to see and hear stories from each station. Alternately, visitors downloaded an audio version available in the gallery or online and traveled the subway to hear these stories at the exact location they took place. Coproduced and directed with Nomi Talisman Released: 2008 Exhibitions: Dislocate 08 International Festival of Art, Technology and Locality ZAIM Gallery, Yokohama Japan Souzoukukan9001 Gallery Yokohama Japan Excerpt 4.25 Total running time: 20 mins Press: Art, Technology Captures Memories Santa Cruz Sentinel, Oct 6 2008 Dislocate 08 Japan Media Arts, 2008 Dislocate 08 Yokohama, Keizei Shimbun, 2008 Dislocate 08 British Embassy, Tokyo June 2008 Art Professor Presents Exhibit in Subways and Galleries of Japan UCSC Currents Sept 2008 See also Are We There Yet? Installation