Methods of Escape: Public Art

Commissioned for Fred 08, Britain’s largest international public art festival, during the height of the economic crash Methods of Escape explores the relationship between language, icon, and our personal desires to get away from it all.

Travelling the Lake District in the North of England I roamed the countryside asking passersby “What is your Method of Escape?” tourists and locals responded as news of the economic crash descended. I drew responses as an iconographic images, reminiscent of 1950’s instructional manuals. These codified messages were displayed in public space throughout Northern England printed in newspapers, on buses, on telephone boxes, ferries and trains, displayed on billboards and beer coasters. Drawings from the project were later exhibited at Galerie Califia, Czech Republic, 2008.

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Drawings, public project, installation 2007-8
Exhibited: FRED ’08 on billboards, railways, ferries, pubs and shops throughout the Lake District UK, 2008

Galerie Califia, Czech Republic, 2008