Escape Drawings: Drawing

Commissioned for FRED ’08 public-art exhibition, UK the Methods of Escape drawings reflect public responses to the question “What is your method of escape?” The project is a drawn catalog of the ways we manage emotions, struggle to feel secure, and work to escape reality given the personal and political insecurities of the 21st century.

Exhibited: Galerie Califia, Czech Republic, 2008.

See also Methods of Escape Public project 

Drawings, public project, installation 2007-8

Methods of Escape Titles:
Make a Run for It
Take a Holiday
Take a Bath
Go in Drag
Sit on the Toilet and Read til my Legs Go Numb
Escape to the Nuclear Fallout Shelter
Out on the Town
Jail Break
Snuggle Up and Have Some Sex
Walk Across the Border

All drawings China marker on Arches paper 22″ x 30”