Psychological Prosthetics: Video/Sculpture

Psychological Prosthetics is a commissioned film, performance and installation series (2005-2010) intended to generate public conversation on politics and emotions (shame, fear and apathy) during the War on Terror years of the George Bush presidency and beyond. Employing the language and visuals of corporate marketing, alongside guerilla tactics, the project explores the ways culture supports, fuels and suppresses emotions for political ends and commercial profit. Created in collaboration with Elyse Hochstadt (2005) and Nomi Talisman 2005-2010 Films: Psychological Prosthetics: Chicago Released: 2007 Hibbert-Jones/ Talisman Psychological Prosthetics: Israel/ UK Released: 2010 Hibbert-Jones/ Talisman Consume Your Fear: Austria Released: 2009 Hibbert-Jones/ Talisman PP Valise Released: 2008 Hibbert-Jones/ Talisman
Title:Psychological Prosthetics Israel/UK 10.15 mins Screenings of PP Valise 2010 Santa Cruz International Film Festival, CA 2007 “Stranger Than Fiction” Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland North Carolina University, Chapel Hill, NC 2006 “Bay Area Shorts” Israeli Center for Digital Media, Israel Stranger than Fiction” The Lab, SF, CA Mobile Archive Collection, Israeli Center for Digital Arts (Touring exhibition) 2013 Leeds University, UK 2011 Centre de Culture Judaica, Sao Paulo, Brazil (exhibition screening) 2010 Stacion Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina, Kosovo Jun-July Centro da Cultura Judaica, São Paulo, Brazil 22/09 – 17 December Kunstverein Hamburg, Germany 2009 Art in General, New York, U.S.A. Careof e Viafarini, DOCVA | Milan, Italy 24th March – 11th April 2008 Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, Germany Newbury Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland Galerija Nova in Zagreb, Croatia Skuc Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia WYSPA Art Institute Gdansk, Poland Installations & performances: 2009 Angst Macht Dumm!" ARGEkultur Jahresprogramm Festival Salzburg, Austria (solo commission) 2009 Consume your Fear, Subversive Messe International, Linz, Austria (solo commission) 2009 Subversive Complicity at The LAB SF, CA (group) 2007 Pathogeographies, University of Illinois, Chicago Art & Design at Gallery 400, a part of the “On the Edge: Cutting Edge Art in Chicago” series, Chicago, IL (group) 2005 PP Valise Interventions Berkeley Art Museum Garden, Berkeley, CA Public interventions: London, Winchester, Southampton UK, Paris France, Basel, Switzerland, Tel Aviv, Israel, Berkeley CA, Chicago, IL 2005 Bay Area Now with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, (live feed) (group) 2005 PP Performance Millais Gallery Southampton Institute, UK (solo) 2005 Psychological Prosthetics Consultations, Sesnon Gallery, UC Santa Cruz, CA (group) Press & Publications: Kunst, Krise, Subversion Zur Politik Ger Aesthetik, Nina Bandi, Michael Kraft, Sebastian Lasiger, Transcript Verlag Bielefel, 2012 Von Astetik und Subversion Spotz, Kunst, Kultut, Szene, Linz, 2009 Arge Culture Schwerpunct 06 November 2009 Consume Your Fear exhibition catalog for Subversive Messe. Funded by Subversive Messe, Linz, Austria 2009 “Ein Festival, das Angst Gibt” Salzberger Nachrichten, Aus Stadt und Land, 29th Oktober 2009 ARGEkulture-Festival “Angst Macht Dumm! Uber Die Facetten der Angst” Saltzberg November 2009 Argekultur-Scwerpunkt Lautet Angst Macht Dumm” APA November 4 2009 Saltzberg November 2009 Subversiv Messe, Von Traumen und Taktik 2009 14.05-28,05 Neuner No 12 Hier Kommt Die Neue Kunst, Salzburger Monat November 2009 Subversive Complicity at the LAB, Shotgun Review by Genevieve Quick, May 28 2008 Death to Law Progressive Public Art in Chicago Feature article by Bert Stabler Proximity Magazine 2008 Psychological Prosthetics by Yaelle Amir in Things that Move Slash, in collaboration with the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Leeds Metropolitan University, July issue 2007 Pathogeographies: a review Ryan Griffiths, and Art US, June 23rd 2007 Corporate Art Expo ’07 at the Lab by Aimee Le Duc, Artweek, June 2007 Corporate Art Expo ‘07 The San Francisco Bay Guardian, March 28th-April 3rd Corporate Art Doesn’t Suck SF Weekly, March 28th- April 3rd 2007 Here There Everywhere Terri Cohn essay,, Bay Area Now 4, 2005 Website for the project: See also Psychological Prosthetics Installation