Untitled (Greencard): Video

Untitled (Greencard) is the second in Hibbert-Jones and Talisman’s series of works examining inequality, civil rights and immigration policies towards same sex couples, prior to the legalization of gay marriage in 2015. Untitled (Greencard) is a birds’ eye view, one-shot video of Hibbert-Jones and Talisman with their young son, working on a large-scale drawing. As the video progresses, it becomes clear that the drawing is of Talismans’ newly issued Green card. Deceptively simple, the video describes the precarious struggle gay couples faced to gain rights in order to stay together legally in the US. Co-produced and directed with Nomi Talisman

Released: 2011
Exhibited/screened:Worth Rider Gallery UC Berkeley, CA
Press: San Francisco: Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman by Anu Vikram, Artillery, Volume 5, issue 5, May/ June 2011
Excerpt 4 min
Total running time: 23 mins